LeJog 2019

Mark Bramhall

I recently completed the iconic LEJOG otherwise known as Land's End to John O'Groats over a 14 day period in August averaging 72 miles a day. Our route was 1000 miles but it can vary in mileage from 800 plus to 1000 miles and we climbed about  55,000 feet. . The scenery and history viewed by bicycle was a one of a kind experience that I don't think can be done any other way even through all weathers and 4 punctures and snapping off my gears.

Riding along The south West coast, and the amazing Cornish hills and Dartmoor, leading to the mighty Severn river at the Wales border and following the Wye valley, and crossing the Lake District. Crossing into Scotland into the low Land's, then the highlands including through the outstanding scenery of Loch Lomond and Glencoe. Next traveling along Loch Ness and through Inverness. Finally riding into the sparsely populated far north of Scotland the terrain had changed to a peat surface with rolling hills and small streams. We stopped for lunch at the famous Cask Inn, that led to our last two stops on the North Scotland coast, Betty Hill and John O Groats.

LeJog Route.jpg

Our Route From Lands End

Just as impressive as the journey itself, were those members of the group who I rode with. A very eclectic group who bonded over a common goal to finish the LEJOG together. The backgrounds and professions of each were fascinating as we learned about each other during our journey. It was not for the faint of heart but I doubt any of us thought of dropping out because of the support we provided one another. I especially want to thank Pedal Britain for making this possible.  They made the trip what it was, a trip of a lifetime.  

Some pictures of our trip